If you have recently booked your appointment with us at Bella Bridal or are planning your visit to us to help you find the one your soul loves, we cannot wait to meet you!

We go above and beyond for all our brides.. from the moment you book your appointment with us up until your wedding day. We are always available to help in anyway we can.

Here at Bella Bridal, we pride ourselves on our customer service, our styling and our selection of gowns for you to browse. Our boutique is private, cosy and super friendly. We hope that you don’t want to leave us!

After you’ve made you appointment with us, the countdown is on to your visit! Here are a few tips from us on the best way to prepare…

Set a budget

Setting a budget for your gown is one of the most important things you can do before hitting the rails. The last thing we want to do is have you fall head over heels in love with a gown that is 2-3x your budget. So make sure to let your bridal consultant your budget at the start of your appointment to avoid the disappointment!

Do your research

Get on pinterest!!! Pinterest is the best place to start on your bridal gown search… make sure to do some browsing to get an idea of the style you like and figure out if there is something that is a MUST have on your gown.


Choosing your entourage can be hard. Do you just bring your mum, or gran, or auntie…? Do you bring all your bridesmaids, mum, gran, auntie, cousins, best friends, neighbours, mums old university roommates??? Make sure to bring people you trust. Make sure it is people whose opinions matter to you.. opinions you trust. Sometimes bringing less people is best… as long as you listen to your heart and your opinion during your appointment.

Make up, underwear, fake tan….?

Ok so this is a tricky one. Wearing make up will help you invision your wedding day but make sure to keep it minimalistic. Excessive makeup can easily transfer onto the gowns and mark them. Fake tan… oh the dreaded fake tan in the bridal world! Fake tan makes us feel good and gives us that summer glow (even in the dreichest of nights!!) BUT fake tan transfers no matter how long you’ve had it on. So please please please, avoid the fake tan and keep your makeup minimal.

Underwear is a differing topic depending on the bridal shops you visit. Here at Bella’s we are all about comfort. Avoid the spanks… and rock the comfy pants. Bras… forget them! All our gowns have bra systems or fully boned bodices with cups that your bra is a long distant memory.. so leave those spanks at home and be ready to whip that bra off before trying your first gown

Hopefully that helps to put you at ease ahead of your first bridal appointment.. if that is with us or elsewhere (heard Bella Bridal is a great boutique… ) I hope you have the most amazing experience and find the one your soul loves!

Love, Erin x

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